It’s no question that men don’t want to have committed relationships: According to a recent survey, they are even more in need of love than women.

Ms. Liebling says: “You get drummed into you all your life that we women are true relationship animals for whom nothing is more important than love. And then, suddenly, there is this survey: For 71 percent of men, a happy partnership is the most important thing in life, but only for 68 percent of women.  We’re not number one anymore Dear women. But: Relax! You are supposedly even more important to your husband than your job and career. Leave the scolding and complaining that he should do more in the household and more for nurturing and nurturing the relationship. He seems to be more willing to do that than we are. And if he can’t get his butt off the couch again, then that’s real love too – and not convenience.

Mr. Schatz says: Almost everything is new in May: After a seemingly endless struggle for emancipation and equality, happiness in love is finally more important to us than to women. And best of all, the Elite Partner Survey also shows that 42 percent of us are determined to do more for the partnership in the future. In terms of motivation, we are also a sensational three percentage points ahead of the female competition. Not to mention the much greater desire for attachment and children among the singles among us. Men We did it. At least in the polls, we are exactly what women have always wanted us to be. But be careful: Too much attachment can be addictive. Don’t forget your buddies!

Photo: Unsplash/Ben White

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