When invited for a drink at home, only 27 percent of German men expect an erotic adventure after a date – according to a study by Friendscout24.

Mrs. Darling says: Men only want one thing on a date anyway, women believe. And then this number: Just 27 percent of guys assume that there is really something to snack on when we ask them to come to our house after an evening together. Get away with it, if you just drill into them long enough that there is the other thing after all. The Lords of Creation are now almost free of expectations. But of course, that’s where our freedom begins, dear comrades. When we invite us for a drink, we can spontaneously decide whether it will be hot or stay cold. That’s why I’m so free now and recommend: Good conversations are not only really good in good bars. And with a serious invitation to your own four walls, the following applies even after the first date: Only the pudding hears my sigh – at some point!

Mr. Schatz says: Who says that there only has to be a “nightcap” when you finally go upstairs to the apartment? I think words like “long drink”, “sparkling wine” or “firewater” are much better anyway. No, the answer to the question “Will you come up for a drink?” doesn’t have to be silence after a stimulating conversation – free of expectations. Because if the date is fun, we men are allowed to signal with words and deeds, despite all politeness, that it does not have to be just an exchange of thoughts, but can also become an invitation to sex. But there is one thing we should never forget: seduction and flirting is and remains a game – even with words.

Photo: Unsplash/Neha Deshm 

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