US scientists at Baylor University have found that constantly looking at the smartphone offends the partner more than assumed.

Mrs. Darling says: Pphubbing – or in long form: partner phone snubbing – is the new fire hazard for all of our love. And it simply means: Annoying your partner because of constantly staring at your mobile phone. Yes, I feel attractive, I like to dress up for him and I look forward to intimate conversations over a romantic dinner, which is rare anyway. Nevertheless, I am one of the 46.3 percent who are now genuinely offended by his constant quick-checking-on-the-phone. Because then I’m not number 1. And because there’s always something important on his smartphone. Therefore Dear women, be strict: forbid him to use his cell phone at the table, banish him from bed (the alarm function is just a nasty excuse!) and help him set the background image of the display so that you always appear when he checks his phone.

Mr. Schatz says: I confess: I’m an info junkie! There’s no news page that I don’t have on my phone, no news ticker that doesn’t blink just before midnight and no football result that I don’t find out in real time. My playlist on Spotify is huge and sorted according to all kinds of moods. I even have the cinema program or the timetable immediately at hand. And the camera of my beloved smartphone always takes super cool photos with all the different apps –  of course especially of it. That’s why I can’t understand why she’s always so offended when I just look something up. I only want our best: After all, I also keep them up to date – and I already contribute the right music for our time together on my own anyway. But Men, since we love our wives, somehow, we should take them seriously – and accept them if they want a digital withdrawal every now and then. And let’s be honest: the total dependence on such devices feels strange in the long run anyway, doesn’t it?

Photo: Unsplash/Loic Djim

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