Self-Awareness Couple Prevention: "On the couch!" Journalist Sina Hoffmann, newly in love, has dared to go to couples therapy with her partner.

Report: What are people doing at home for and against the corona fever? The SZ presents the Instagram channel lieblingundschatz of Birgitt Hölzel and Stefan Ruzas.

Story: When the children are out of the house, many couples ask themselves the big question of meaning. Birgitt Hölzel records a marriage after 34 years

Report: "Refresh your Love - A Couple's Weekend" How couples can give their relationship a new kick in the workshop of the couple therapists Liebling + Schatz.

Portrait: "Working together". Birgitt Hölzel and Stefan Ruzas work as a couple with couples.

Report: "New Times" Menopause is a big change in life for women and thus also for the partnership. How couples can deal with it.

Interview: "How do you argue as a couples therapist?" Birgitt Hölzel and Stefan Ruzas explain how it works.

Interview: "The Pain Trap" Stefan Ruzas talks about listlessness after the first child and how couples can get back together.

Report: Stefan Ruzas gives a sex toys training course

Statements: "Toxic Relationship Patterns"

Statements: Stefan Ruzas says what women really want

Column: He says, she says. Darling + sweetheart talking about love

Expert Statements: Stefan Ruzas explains men's tics

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