Men live nine years longer in partnerships, while women live seven. This is according to a study on love published in the journal “Demographic Research”. Why is that?

Ms. Liebling says: You try to achieve, maintain and improve a good body mass index (BMI) for half your life in order to be well received by men. And then this: fat people have more chances (read: more sex partners) over the course of their lives than thin people. Even obese women can’t complain about choice. If this result doesn’t turn my glossy worldview upside down, I don’t know what is. But let’s be honest, Dear women: Isn’t that wonderful? Can’t we throw ourselves into pretty lingerie in a much more relaxed way from now on? Can’t we just accept that we like the nice guy who flirts with us the way we are, even if one or the other roll of bacon peeks out over the waistband? Yes, we can – and we should do so wholeheartedly. After all, this stranger or our loved one at home is also built quite naturally. Luckily.

Mr. Schatz says: There are these amiable sayings, like: “Married couples don’t live any longer, it just seems that way.” Of course, they fit perfectly with the image of us men as loners who need so few words that they have to go to a pub for undisturbed silence. But that’s only how we are from time to time. Because we have long understood that we have to adapt a bit in order to wrest a few more years from life. And for this we put up with a lot: drive more carefully when the wife or even children are with us. After all, it has also been proven that we reduce our risk of a traffic accident by 40 percent just by being married. Of course, we eat healthier, because meat can’t always be our vegetables in a partnership. And we drink less alcohol. Above all, we know the difference between being alone and being lonely. Therefore, men: Even if the emotional support of our women is sometimes annoying, it is healthy and keeps us alive longer.

Photo: Unsplash/Gemma Evans

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