“Second-hand love” is what researchers call the phenomenon when two people get back together after a breakup. After all, one in three singles wants their ex back, according to a study by eDarling.

Ms. Liebling says: 70 percent of those singles actually rehash their old love and believe in a second chance. Obviously, this can go well, because according to the study, 35 percent confirm that they have already dared to make a new start with their ex-partner – and at least half of them are happy with this new beginning. Dear women, sometimes there are phases in life when nothing fits and you throw in the towel too quickly. Your own dissatisfaction doesn’t give your partner a chance either. But once we have found distance again, we realize that it was not he who made the mistake, but that we were looking for the mistake. So why not take a second look? On the one hand, we know who we’re getting involved with – and on the other hand, we’ve also learned.

Mr. Schatz says: Although 62 percent unfriend each other on social networks after the end of the relationship, only one in four deletes the number of their ex-love and thus draws a final line. In addition, every fifth single had sex with the ex again. Only 18 percent of us men regret this, compared to 28 percent of women. So men: Hands off the ex. Why should you warm up what has cooled down? It already seems like a lot of desperation when you get in touch with her again. Trying to revive an old relationship has a very bland aftertaste. There is a lack of self-respect and respect for the decision – whoever made it.

Photo: Unsplash/Clem Onojeghu

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