A relationship doesn’t have to fail because of sex, British researchers say. But for that to happen, ten other points have to fit.

She says: lulls in bed are not a problem and foot massages are always a good substitute for hot nights of love. This is what the British sex researchers Meg John Barker and Jacqui Grabb found in their book on the “Secrets of Lasting Love” after surveys of 5000 women and men. According to their study, however, exactly ten other factors must fit in order for the relationship to remain stable: 

  1. Laugh together. 
  2. Sharing values and interests. 
  3. Taking care of each other. 
  4. Mutual trust. 
  5. Be best friends. 
  6. Be happy. 
  7. Providing security.
  8. Maintain a close relationship.
  9. Listening to each other, talking to each other. 
  10. To be in love and to stay in love. 

If only one of the ten points is missing, the lasting love threatens to fail prematurely. No wonder Dear women, that we often don’t have enough time for sex, right?

He says: It’s starting to get annoying. Of course, it is the right of every researcher to explore whatever he or she feels like doing. Preferably with surprising insights, of course. But a relationship without the most natural thing in the world is permanent – not a relationship. Or sooner or later it will come to an end, because sexual reluctance stubbornly occupies first place in the partnership problem statistics. Sex is the most intimate form of human  communication, which is why, in my experience, sex and communication are also indispensable for a partnership that really makes you happy and satisfied in the long run. One thing is important, Dear men: It is crucial to be able to talk about your sex life together. This includes, for example, talking about one’s own wishes or complimenting oneself and giving feedback on what you like and what you don’t. In short: Have sex and talk about it!

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